Maine Teen Camp is North America’s Only Family-owned, Accredited Summer Camp Exclusively for Teenagers

Another Beautiful Summer in the State of Maine

Every summer, teens and staff gather together in Maine to share special interests and unique cultural experiences with each other, creating a supportive environment to explore new and exciting challenges. Maine Teen Camp is North America’s only family-owned, accredited summer camp exclusively for teenagers.

We provide the supervision, safety, and stability that only a summer camp can provide. Maine Teen Camp offers the diversity of an international camp experience, shared sense of community, and safe and well-supervised social environment to provide the basis for a fun summer, packed full of new experiences, the exploration of new activities, and age-appropriate challenge that teens need to grow and gain independence.


New Experiences, New Activities, and age-appropriate challenges that challenge and appeal to teens from around the world.

the Maine Teen Camp difference

Maine Teen Camp offers over 35 different activities in a fully elective format. Campers select their own schedule, choosing the activities that interest them, challenge them, and make them happy!

Most campers coming to MTC for the first time do not know any other campers. Unlike at a more traditional age ranged camp, new campers to MTC do not have to compete with long established social circles when making new friends.

Because MTC only caters to 13 – 17 year old campers, we are free to create activities, events and schedules that are developmentally appropriate for teens only! We don’t have to cater to “little kids” and “big kids” in one program, and recognize that 9 year olds and 15 year olds have different interests and ability levels.

Diversity and inclusion are core values at MTC. We believe that by creating a space that celebrates the individual, and in which every individual feels safe, all our campers are free to be their best selves. MTC provides a space for adolescents to tell their own stories, and learn more about who they are and what interests them.

Competition is by choice at Maine Teen Camp. For campers who want to play competitive team or individual sports, they will find plenty of competition. For those who wish to play for love of the game, fitness and socialization, there is plenty of opportunity to do so.

MTC provides a welcome respite for teens from the stresses of the school year. In addition to being cell/smartphone free, campers enjoy access to nature, tons of activity, good food, an appropriate sleep schedule, blocks of free time, and the friendship of wonderful campers and staff.


i was there this summer was my first year in MTC … but was really good i love it and i enjoy all moments there i made to much friends and all the teachers were excellent …. i want to go next year … and congratulation for your beautiful community … thanks for did my summer very funny !

Orianna Nardone

The counselors, they always are the best and make it a great FUN time, mixed with feeling good about herself and COMFORTABLE to be yourself and silly. The next thing she loves is the structure and mix of activities and down time and evening activites, it works!!! your scheduling works!…Gave her a chance to be herself and have FUN, and be away from the phone, and tv and computer

Sandy C

Everything the variety of things to do is amazing. Both of my girls find and enjoy everything. The staff is so creative to provide programs that fit the age group and keep them engaged

Mindy A

You were wonderfully attuned, caring, and supportive of him…. He liked that Matt knew who he was early into his stay there

Kathy A

Chris was able to do things that he enjoys such as tennis and cooking. However, he also tried many things that he had never done and enjoyed them…. Further, the thoughtful evaluations by the staff which we requested were even more helpful. We realize it is not easy to do that with each camper.

Gaby M

Literally the most amazing place in the world!!! It's beautiful and very well run. The whole camp is so kind and friendly which was very refreshing after how cliquey the previous camp I went to was. The activities were great and offered me so many new experiences, including- international cooking, water skiing, stained glass, pottery-wheel and SO many other new experiences! This camp is amazing and I have made so many unforgettable memories!

Olivia K

I can honestly say that for the last summer I have been a camper at Maine Teen Camp, my life has changed for the better. I had been to other sleepaway camps and none by far can compare to MTC. From the amazing, helpful, kind hearted staff that really care about you to the campers who are all super down to earth people that just want to have fun, MTC is definitely a place that I feel safe, very happy and want to go back to. All of the activities are really fun and you can learn a lot. The area at camp is absolutely stunning. I was at camp for eight weeks this year and it was probably the best eight weeks I have ever had in my life. I love Maine Teen Camp and would never want to be at any other camp.

Ariel B

MTC is far above any other summer camp I have attended. I met people from all over the world and forged friendships that will last a lifetime. The wide variety of activities let me hone some of the skills I already had, but also gave me the opportunity to leave my comfort zone and try things like Sketch Comedy and Canoeing which I had never done before. In my three summers at MTC, I didn't meet a single staff member who wasn't friendly and outgoing. Everyone, the counselors, the kitchen staff, the administration, and the infirmary staff all genuinely cared about the campers having the best summer of their lives. My only complaint about MTC is that the summer ends.

Zach S

There simply isn't a better place on Earth. I had the absolute privilege to attend as a camper and LT for several summers, and I can honestly say my life is better for it. Some of my happiest days were spent here in the beautiful state of Maine, and the experiences I had and friends I made will last a lifetime.
I went to MTC not knowing how to play a single instrument. At the end of my days there, I played over a dozen, had the courage to sing in front of people, and began writing my own material. Without MTC, this wouldn't have happened.
MTC grants a sense of freedom to it's campers that is lacking elsewhere. You choose your schedule, you pick things that interest you, and discover new talents and hobbies you never thought you had or enjoyed.
The staff make the place. The counselors here helped shape my life, and the senior staff are some of the best people on Earth. Fitting, for the best place on Earth.

Jordan C